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JR Autocenter with its three stores on the island sells everything related to cars. From tires to floormats and even parts. It also offers a complete array of mechanical services. As for tires we are a multibrand tire stores, with well known brands like, Bridgestone, Firestone, Dunlop and Sumitomo. We carry a large line of automotive batteries at very competitive prices.

Our philosophy has always been, the best prices on the island. And this is true for all our lines, tires, batteries, car accessories and also parts. Our customers have come to know us as a dependable company where they know they can find what they need at the best prices. With the largest inventory of tires on the island, we have the widest array of tires.

Established in 1984 JR started as an Oil distributor to the refinery and local refinery -contractor companies, it all started in a garage that was converted into a Oil barrel Warehouse. The main brand sold was Superior Oil and later Castrol was added to the line. It’s because of that that until late 90’s the JR in Cura Cabai store was also known as Castrol.

In 1985 JR started its Tire activities, which is until today its core business. JR Started as a multibrand company selling tires mainly from the US. In 1988 JR contacted Firestone Venezuela with the request to become the sole distributor of this prestigious brand on the island. After several visits and negotiations this idea materialized and JR became the exclusive distributor of this Brand on Aruba. In this same year Bridgestone bought Firestone, which meant that JR also became the distributor of this high-end brand.

However, in 2003, a fierce competition which resulted in a price war directed JR to look for value tires. This lead to the opening of the Chinese tire market. JR being conscious that price is important but quality is even more important only sells tires from manufacturers that work in alliance with technology partners that produce brand name tires.

In 2004 JR was contacted by Dunlop Tires, to become its representative on the island. Dunlop a great brand for a good price was very well accepted on the local market.

The latest addition in the tire line would be economy low profile tires, with tires ranging from 17 up to 20 inches.  These tires have a very great market potential, since prices are up to 50% cheaper than regular low profile tires.

Heavy Equipment and OTR
JR has the largest inventory of heavy equipment tires on the island, and has very good logistics for acquiring OTR sizes on the demand at reasonable prices; we cater both to private and public companies.

In 1992 Duncan Batteries was looking for a partner on the island of Aruba.  JR already familiar with the brand accepted this proposition; this excellent battery was sold on Aruba until mid 2009. Sadly, the government in Venezuela made it very difficult for Duncan to continue to produce and ship batteries for the Aruban market. Late 2009 JR contacted another battery manufacturer and is currently selling Leoch Batteries, as well as Deka Batteries. 


Noord Cura Cabai
Its first store was opened in 1985 in Noord Cura Cabai, this store has undergo many modifications since its initial opening.  This store caters mainly to contractors and other companies. And also the pariba di brug section of the island.

This store opened its doors in May 1997, during this time this area of the island was still relatively unknown with very little traffic. However this all changed when Noord became a very attractive real estate zone. The Turibana store offers a vast array of mechanical services. It has the largest stock of tires on the island catering to all needs. And carries all the regular items that JR sells. This store is known for its great customer service and. This store also houses our Road Service department, where we offer on the road assistance to large companies.

Started operation in September 2006.  This store in the heart Santa Cruz, carries all the regular items of JR: tires, batteries and car accessories but also houses a complete parts department which caters to Japanese and Korean cars (i.e. Toyota, Nissan, Kia, Daewoo.)
This store also sells specialty tools for automotive mechanics.



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